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Who we are


What we do

Lahen Al-Sham Company, established in 2006 in the city of Arbin, and based in the countryside of Damascus, has managed through its continuous efforts to occupy a prominent position in the list of leading companies in the field of manufacturing and exporting food products in Syria and many countries around the world.

The company's strategy is based on the principle of meeting the requirements of customers with high-quality food products that are aligned with the trends of the Arab and global markets. The quality of its products comes from using the latest production and manufacturing technologies, producing a wide range of products, including various kinds of canned goods, premium Qamar al-Din, in addition to sweets, food appetizers, and nuts.

The company ensures the provision of products with international specifications, through the management of advanced production lines for filtering and packing olive oil, complying with the finest international standards and specifications.

The company constantly strives to expand its presence in the Arab and global markets, through a strategy built on building customer trust and meeting their expectations. This approach stems from the vision of its founder, Mr. Khaled Subhi Al-Halak, who places customer satisfaction at the heart of the company's goals.

Lahen Al-Sham actively participates in local, regional, and international exhibitions, allowing it to present its products to a wider range of customers. The company supports its efforts through a strong marketing team and qualified scientific staff who work continuously on product development to ensure the provision of the best in the world of food industries.

Ultimately, the distinctive products, high quality, and professional packaging characterized by care and high quality are the standards of Lahen Al-Sham in providing its services, with a constant focus on customer satisfaction to enhance its position in the Syrian local market and the Arab and global markets.